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Natural Beauty Zone Ltd is based in Leicester and has been established since 2013.

The company is an ecommerce site selling professional, and top standard, beauty products for the beauty trade & latest fashion Indian jewellery.

We believe that top of the range beauty products should be easily obtainable by everyone. Our products are simple, popular and effective. We stock all the usual favourites…and lots more of our own specialities to dip into, treat yourself and try out.

At Natural Beauty Zone Ltd, we know what people are buying right now. We have up to the minute insider knowledge on what the best trends are in skin and hair care products; we even stock the latest top brands and a range professional salon equipment.

Natural Beauty Zone Ltd also offers attractive, high quality Indian jewellery such as: Indian jewellery sets, bangles, earrings and stunning accessories.

We are well aware that beauty can be enhanced by just the right sparkle of jewellery. That is why we offer Indian jewellery, together with beauty products for skin and hair care…because we understand the subtle relationship that blends the two together, creating a well-defined characteristic elegance.

All you have to do is browse our site or ask one of our team. Please contact us for help, guidance or to make a purchase: 01162165143

5 Loughborough Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE4 5LJ

The company is registered at Companies House – Registration No: 08544075

It is VAT Registered No: GB 165491881